Professional Services

  “Money is a terrible master, but an excellent servant.”
P.T. Barnum

You have worked hard for your money. You’ll probably do so for many more years. But is your money working equally hard for you? Will it serve you loyally and not leave you when you need it the most? We’ll help you make sure that it does.



  1. Financial Planning
  2. Investment Advisory

Financial Planning

  • Comprehensive / Life Cycle Financial Planning: Do you want your money to stay with you as a loyal companion, as you journey through different stages of life? Do you think it’s important to create a detailed road-map for your money to ensure that that actually happens?
  • Retirement Planning: Do you think retirement will not be the end but a new chapter in your life? Do you want to be independent, dignified and financially secure in retirement?
  • Children’s Future Planning: Do you want to ensure that your children get the best of education and lifestyle? Do you want to provide well for their wedding, hobbies, business capital or other dreams?
  • Tax Planning: Do you want to retain your earnings and not hand over more than necessary to the taxman?
  • Liability Management: Do you want to make sure that you’re using good borrowings and paying off the bad ones? Do you want to ensure that you’re getting the best rates on your loans?
  • Risk Planning: Do you wish to protect the dreams of yourself and your loved ones from any possible bumps on the road (ill health, accidents, premature mortality, etc)?
  • Will & Estate Planning: Want your assets to pass on to your loved ones after you? Safely and without difficulties, disputes or high costs?
  • Existing Life Insurance Advisory: Are you wondering what to do with the insurance policies you’ve “invested” in? Want to know if you should discontinue them? Or how to get the maximum benefit from them if you continue with them?
  • Psychometric Risk Profiling: Would you like to understand the financial behavior of your spouse and yourself? Would you like to take a small, scientific test for the same?
  • Financial Decisions: Would you like professional guidance when making financial decisions? Would you like to get an unbiased second opinion before you make a major financial decision?
  • Death of a loved one: Have you suffered the loss of a loved one? Do you need guidance or assistance in transfer of assets as the joint holder/nominee/legal heir?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, we’d love to help you. Contact us now.

Investment Advisory

  • Customisation: When it comes to investing, one size does not fit all. Every person, every family is different. So are their goals. And so is their investment behavior. Do you want your portfolio to be designed / restructured to suit YOUR financial traits?
  • Balance: Do you want an investment portfolio that balances your needs for safety, growth, and liquidity?
  • Wealth Creation: Do you want to create substantial wealth over the long term?
  • Fight Inflation: Want to prevent the silent thief called inflation from stealing away your hard earned money?
  • Tax Efficiency: Do you want your portfolio to be tax-efficient? Legally?
  • Couple’s Portfolio: Do you find that your investment behavior is the complete opposite of your spouse’s? Do you wish to create a portfolio that satisfies you both?
  • Flexibility: Do you want a portfolio that makes it easy to add or remove money based on your cash-flows?
  • Useful Investments: Are you asset rich but cash poor? Your high net worth not helpful when you need to use the money? Want to change that?
  • Easy Transmission: Do you want to leave your portfolio to your loved ones along with your memories? Want to make it quick and easy for them to access it?
  • Restructuring + DIY: Do you want a professional to restructure your investment portfolio one-time and provide guidelines for you to mange it yourself in the future?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, we’d love to help you. Contact us now.