India became independent! Can we?


India is a thriving, vibrant, democratic nation as it enters its 70th year of Independence. As we celebrate our freedom, it makes me wonder…

Will we be physically, mentally, financially and spiritually free when we enter our seventies?

India’s independence did not come for free. Our ancestors had to fight and win against British oppression to gain freedom.

Now we have to fight deteriorating fitness, mental reliance on machines, inflation combined with unproductive investments and constant materialistic stimuli that threaten to make us weak, insecure and dependent.

So on this 15th August, let us resolve to ensure our lifelong independence through:

  • Regular Physical Exercise/Sports
  • Regular Mental Exercise/Learning
  • Planned & Productive Finances
  • Dedicated, distraction free time for (inner) self

Wish you a Happy Independence Day and a worry free life!